Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A Mom Like You

There is no supermom at our house. I'm sure some homes have them, but not ours. I guess when they were giving out the talents for supermoms I missed out. I don't grind my own wheat and the bread I do make doesn't always rise. I sew, but don't make my daughter cute little jumpers. My house usually has the lived in look and full laundry baskets are often part of the decor. I'm just a mom, probably like you, working each day to care for my family and school my four children.
We start our days at 8am, when I begin the difficult job of rousing each child from his or her slumber. After personal quite time, breakfast and chores we are ready to start our day. Each child has an assignment sheet of seat work to accomplish. Some days we accomplish it all, but we don't allow the sheets to rule our lives. The assignment sheets give my children the direction they need to get their work done each day and they like being able to check off the work they have accomplished.
Sometime between noon and 1pm we have lunch, on a good day I have started dinner preparation and the children have their assignment sheets completed. Our favorite thing to do in the afternoon is read together. I choose a book that either compliments what we our studing in history or a fiction book just for fun. The children work enjoy building with Legos or drawing while they listen. I begin the reading, but when I get tired the children take turns.
Most of the times I don't get much done during the day other then some housework and helping the children with school. However I wouldn't change a thing. I like the relaxed appoarch we now have about school and I love the opportunity to have all my children with me all day. I don't regret not being a supermom, I just want to be the best mom that God created me to be.
Today as you do school, don't worry if the laundry is undone and dinner is leftovers, just be to your kids the mom God created you to be.